Balance Protocol PRIME is a free online course providing a foundational understanding of all the principles, tenets and methods of Balance Protocol. 


Learn on multiple devices
Easy to follow along videos
10+ hours of free content

Balance Protocol PRIME includes: Insider Guides, Mind Maps & MP3 Files

Insider Guides

The program insider guides are available to download and print. It's easy to follow along, take notes and access all program links. 

Mind Maps

Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique use to translate what’s in your mind into a visual picture. Each module will include a mind map for individuals who like to follow an outline format to learn.

MP3 Audio Files

With just a click, you are able to download the audio version of each video. This makes learning on the go super easy and at your convenience without having to be connected to the internet. 

Three FREE Modules

Welcome Module

Module 1

Module 2

Available on Phone, Tablets & Computers

We recommend using a computer for the most immersive experience while navigating each module and lesson.

As you progress through the course, you will be able to check off lessons and modules that are completed. This allows you to easily continue where you left off or repeat a lesson you feel you need to watch again. Education has never been so simple!

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